24 - Origin of "Mad Dog"

20th Oct 2011, 12:05 PM in Welcome to Ollieville

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LooeyQ 20th Oct 2011, 12:05 PM Edit Delete Reply
Being the man of the house does have it's benfits now and then.


moizmad 20th Oct 2011, 1:30 PM Edit Delete Reply
Who, I ask you, would name a dog Melvin. How about Rover?
vwyler 20th Oct 2011, 3:36 PM Edit Delete Reply
Man of the house, or dweeb of the house? ;)
(DE)(AD) 20th Oct 2011, 4:34 PM Edit Delete Reply
You just got Melvin'd.
LooeyQ 20th Oct 2011, 4:51 PM Edit Delete Reply
@moizmad: Who, I ask you, would indeed? I know who... A real BOZO! A regular KNUCKLE HEAD! A good for nothin' wise guy eh! :-)

@vwyler: You said it brother, Hybie outta knock some radioactive sense into that wise guy!

@ (DE)(AD): Bahahaha, I love that, that's gotta be like a thing now. Like when sucky stuff happens, like being named Melivn or something?
Unka John 20th Oct 2011, 6:52 PM Edit Delete Reply
Unka John
I wanted to name our dog either Dammit or Stay, but got outvoted.
LooeyQ 20th Oct 2011, 8:58 PM Edit Delete Reply
If you named him Dammit, then people would think you were constantly mad at him/her.
Dammit eat your food!
Dammit come here!
Dammit you crapped in my shoes!
machinehead 20th Oct 2011, 11:00 PM Edit Delete Reply
It's poor name choices like that, that are going to cost him his man of the house title.
LooeyQ 20th Oct 2011, 11:08 PM Edit Delete Reply
That's very true, over time it will melt away with ever passing decision.
RG2Cents 22nd Oct 2011, 1:00 PM Edit Delete Reply
Heheheheheheh! Poor critter! 'Course, we named our dog K'meir, (as in come here...) but she was the one who chose it. It was the only thing she would respond to. :/
KarToon12 20th Mar 2012, 3:50 PM Edit Delete Reply
I like how you made this look like an old cartoon from the 30s.
cachway 1st May 2013, 12:08 AM Edit Delete Reply
....Well at least they both start with M...