Free Prize

I, Looey Q, Present You With This:




How Why What?! Let me explain:

So you're probably thinking "What the dip is this and why do I give a flip?!" Well silly goose, you can use it to unlock SECRET PAGES on the website! Here's how it works, you might have noticed at the bottom-left corner of every Mad Dog comic it says "", well, then you might have also noticed that random comics have wacky random red letters at the end of it, like this "" so here's the deal with the decoder ring:

You just use the decoder ring to decode the red letters. The red letters on the decoder ring itself equal the red letters on the end of "", then just look and see what green letter is under the red letter on the decoder ring, put all the green letters together once they're decoded and Wa-Zoom! It spells out a real word! So "bccb" decodes to "poop" if you decode it correctly, so just type in your URL bar "" and go to it, and you have just unlocked a SECRET PAGE!! This is the only way to get to these pages by decoding the letters and going to the secret link! Also you don't need to come to this page to bring up the decoder ring, just click on the Number or Title of any Mad Dog Comic Strip and the Decoder ring will automatically come up!

Here's the "bccb" example again with a little more visual fun added to it:

Take a look at the bottom of the first Mad Dog Comic Strip:

See there at the end of the Ollieville link? It's a Secert Code! Now you see?!

Just use the Secret Decoder ring to decode those Mysterious Red letters and then type the link with the decoded letters at the end of it just how you see it.

That will take you to:



The Secret Page Could be ANYTHING! I'll do the first one with You, If you look at the decoder ring you'll see that "B" decodes to "P"
 and "C" decodes to "O"

So now that you've cracked the code you know that "BCCB" really means "POOP"

So go to the link

Try it Out! Try Em' All Out!